A tale between two RI brothers WW2

V-mail or victor email was a mail system operated between the United States and troops abroad during World War Two while fighting thru the Battle of the Bulge and Utah Beach. This may be the largest collection of vmails in Rhode Island. Ted Rengigas lived in Providence and his brother Johnny (my dad) was from the Oakland Beach Midway where he lived with his sister Frieda and her husband Gus that raised him since he was 12 years old. Johnny worked as a cook and waiter at the famous Gus’s Restaurant. Both brothers had a natural talent for drawing without ever taking a lesson. Teddy had a free scholarship for the Rhode Island School of Design but never pursued it Tuberculosis ran ramped taking their sister Mary and brother Louis. Johnny did it as a side line creating defense posters by advocation. He made a lot of signs, the most memorable is those New York System Christmas and Birthday signs you may have seen, since he knew all the NYS wiener joint owners. I am planning to launch a recreation of those custom signs to sell. Army Battalion 965 operating a 155 Howitzer

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